About Us

How the passion for vintage began ...

I first developed a passion for vintage and antique furniture at quite a young age by spending time at my granny's house in the 60's and 70's at home in Scotland.
Watching and helping her to lovingly polish some of the magnificent pieces that she'd had since her marriage to my grandfather in 1932 and even though these had been mainly handed down from her mother and aunts, they were still in immaculate condition. A love of Vintage furniture such as MacIntosh, Ercol and Gplan came later in the 60's and 70's; these were fabulous, and I loved them!
Fast forward to 2018 when my partner Darren began transporting for numerous Antique and Vintage dealers, shipping goods to and from the UK, France, Belgium and Holland. My passion was reignited and I decided this was exactly what I wanted to do.
Vintiques was born and the shop in the historical Bath Place in Taunton couldn’t be better situated.


Lesley Alexander